Razor Blades

Clean shaven deliver high quality, longer lasting, cheaper razor blades, straight through your letterbox for less than £1.00 per blade.

Without paying millions to celebrity guys and cutting out the middle men, we can offer you our amazingly cheap razors, which will make you great savings on what you’re currently paying for Gillette fusion blades and Gillette mach 3 blades.

We make our razor blades from titanium, which keeps the blades sharper for longer, providing you with more closer, cleaner shaves!

Better still, We’ve created our own Peppermint Shaving Cream which is the perfect partner for your razor. It creates the most amazing lubrication, which helps your razor glide effortlessly over your skin, leaving your face deeply refreshed, hydrated and clean shaven.


Our blades (and shaving cream) are soo good you are gonna be p*ssed off you didn’t find us years ago!