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A cheaper alternative to Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades





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04 pack


Switch to Clean Shaven’s Ultra Shave razor and save over 50%
on what you pay for Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades

  • 5 ultra thin sharper blades
  • Trimmer blade for a hard to reach areas
  • Double lubrication strip reduces irritation
  • Free delivery on all orders £10 or over

You will need the Ultra Shave razor handle with your first order (RRP £2.50).
Use discount code “newcustomer” in shopping cart to save £2.50….


4.6 Review Score



The new blades were fantastic, and the edging blade is even better than the Gillette Fusion proglide one so a big thumbs up for that.

Reviewed by Len Channon grey-splitter


The new blades exfoliated the skin and lifted the hair very well, which meant less itching which is a rarity.

Reviewed by Neal Latham grey-splitter


Overall, I liked them a lot. They don’t seem to shave as deep as the old ones, meaning that my face does not seem as smooth afterwards, but they don’t irritate the skin as much either. I love the roller, stops you from pressing too hard, although it took a bit to get used to it. The only criticism I could make is that they didn’t seem to last as long as the existing blades.

Reviewed by Irkus Bidasolo grey-splitter


The new handle feels really comfortable and feels natural in the hand and fingers. The blade on the top for shaving under the nose and side burns is good. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to others. The blades keep sharp and are very easy to clean. I also like the dark colour which is easier to keep clean than a normal chrome version. I will certainty buy more blades in the future. There is nothing really negative to say about the product.

Reviewed by Gary Earey grey-splitter


Thought the shaving cream would be really cheap and diluted, to my surprise, quite the opposite. The cream is really thick and spread evenly across my face.

Reviewed by Gary Earey grey-splitter


The roller was a new thing to me, I liked the way it made the hairs go on one direction, and the new blade holder wad much improved.

Reviewed by Sean Lynn grey-splitter


While I thought the new blades were very good, I am not sure that they offer much over the existing blades, other than the trimmer worked better. I am not a fan of lubricating strips, just use good quality oil or cream. I did like the overall feel of the new handle however.

Reviewed by Nick Buck grey-splitter


The connection between blade and handle seems to be a lot more durable. The old handle and blade if even only dropped in sink would break the connection and render the blade useless. These seem more robust.

Reviewed by David Hand grey-splitter


Much smoother shave, looks ‘sleeker’ and more like other razors on the market.

Reviewed by Stephen Gartland grey-splitter


I loved the feel and adaptability of the new handle and blades. On the originals, I found the blades irritating to my skin but there was no such issues with the new handle and blades. The new handle and blades feel like the next step to seriously challenge the bigger name brands.

Reviewed by Anthony Jenkins grey-splitter


The new handle feels good and the curved nature allows for better positioning when shaving. The new 5 blade is much better and shaves smoothly and cleanly while the strips help with glide.

Reviewed by Simon Lewis-Davies grey-splitter