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Amazing Blades For Just £1.75 Each. No Subscriptions Just Buy More When You Need!

    • Great alternative to fusion blades
    • 5 blades for more comfortable shave.
  • Trimmer blade for facial hair styling
    • Each blade will last approx 3-4 weeks
    • Save upto 15% by purchasing multi-packs
  • Free UK delivery via Royal Mail 48 Hour
Customer Reviews


4.6 Review Score



My day’s of being ripped off by the likes of Gillette, Wilkinson and most of the other big name big price blade manufacturers are over now that I’ve found out that Clean Shaven blades are just as good…and as a bonus at a fraction of the cost of the big name blades. Most impressed with the performance I’ve found that they last longer than most with comfortable results even with my tough beard.

Reviewed by David Clark grey-splitter



Have used these blades for over a year. Great choice instead of the very Expensive Gillette Fusion Blades. Opted for the 5 blade type which has a single blade on reverse.. Handy for trimming the hairs under the nose. Would certainly recommend

Reviewed by Joe Logan grey-splitter



I must say this is the best razor I have ever bought, it lives up to all the claims made in the adverts. It is the closest to an open razor shave as you will get, and the blades last as stated for 2-3 times as long as any other blade I have ever used. I will recommend this product to anybody.

Reviewed by George Huntgrey-splitter


I’ve got the five blade and I use it with shaving oil and I reckon they are great, ten shaves from one blade and still life in it I won’t go back to the rip of blades

Reviewed by David Clark


Put a fresh blade in on 23 May – still using it at end of August! You must have money to burn if you buy the other massively overpriced blades

Reviewed by Mike Nortongrey-splitter


The blades and handle are just like everyone else says just BRILL!!
Been on hols for three weeks with one blade and still going strong Nothing better

Reviewed by Peter Hindlegrey-splitter


Absolutely an amazing purchase and for the price too, outstanding, clean precise shave and the best grooming product I have bought ever, I recommend every guy or woman to check out the page on Facebook and check out the blades and the razor for themselves, will definitely save a massive amount of money from other shaving sources.

Reviewed by Kenneth Sheperdgrey-splitter


Just to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the razor blades purchased from Clean Shaven. I was able to maintain a very close shave for some considerable time with each blade. Purchase, supply and despatch very efficient very good value.

Reviewed by Richard Ownesgrey-splitter


I tried your product to avoid the high cost of Gillette’s Fusion. Sounded promising. Arrived promptly. Great service but lacking one item.
Sell your product with a styptic pencil. I’ve never had so many cuts, or odd I shaven hairs in tight places. Not since I started shaving 35 years ago with a Bic. I’ll start saving and buy more Fusion blades.

Reviewed by Nigel Williamsgrey-splitter


Great smooth shave and very close & would have got 5 out of 5 if they had a safety wire to stop it getting too close! No irritation and a fraction of the price of the well known brands who are clearly a massive rip off.

Well made product which has stood the test of time and I’m now on my second order and don’t plan on going anywhere else.

Reviewed by Steve Barkergrey-splitter


Would I recommend to a friend? well yes I would, Will I keep using them? yes I will.

Reviewed by Andrew Piercegrey-splitter


Very close, smooth shave. Razor is weighty and feels quality in your hand. I’ll be back to purchase again. No more paying silly branded prices for me. If you made a stand that would hold the razor, I would buy one!

Reviewed by John Tullygrey-splitter


I am now on my second delivery of 5 bladed blades, each order has been for the maximum blades. I used Gillette Fusion Blades prior to using your blades but the Fusion ones are not half as good as yours and, no, I am not exaggerating when I say that yours are twice as good as Fusion, because they are. They are sharper, last longer and I have yet to nick myself with one of yours. The weight of the handle and blade combined is exactly right for shaving. I have told everyone I know who shaves about how good your blades are. I give them 10 out of 10 and will not use any other.

Reviewed by Ken Lumbgrey-splitter


I am a convert from Gillette Fusion Blades! Great job guys.

Reviewed by Nick Harleygrey-splitter


After looking online for the cheapest prices for my previous razors (Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades ). I came across these from ‘Clean Shaven’, of which I read some of the reviews and thought ‘why not’, I didn’t buy the Gillette ones and thought I would give these a try, – and I’m glad I did. Not only are they a brilliant shave, very close and in my opinion better than gillette, but the price is an absolute bargain. I ordered 16 blades with my razor (which I must add is good quality too, heavy and seems a better build quality than Gillettes razor), I am still using the first blade and will be buying these again. The gillette razor is now in the bin. As for delivery of these, well they arrived very quickly too. No faults with this product or company whatsoever and I give them five stars out of five. (And they’re Gold stars too).

Reviewed by Anthony Ambrosegrey-splitter


I was very pleased with my purchase and surprised at how close and how smooth my first shave was with my new blades. I have tried other products for a good shave with a low cost factor and your blades have come up trumps for me and I shall be using them from now on. I an singing you praises to all my friends. It is about time someone stood up to the big boys and their high prises.

Reviewed by Clarence Pendergestgrey-splitter


Just thought I would let you know I have only recently begun to use your product. After using Gillette Fusion Blades for years and in my opinion being ripped off by the extremely high prices for blades, I tried clean shaven! Well as they say, it works for me ! Goodbye Gillette and hello cleanshaven. As good a shave as before and much cheaper. Power to you guys and keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Rod Fieldsgrey-splitter


It was purely chance that i came across Clean Shaven, being disgruntled each time paying overpriced replacement blades. I decided to check the Internet to see if i could find discounted blades, i clicked on Clean Shaven thinking you were a franchise of Gillette. To my surprise you were not, having opened your homepage ,reading the reviews from other people, i had to give you a try, 2 weeks have passed and i have to say i agree with all the posted comments. Hope to be using Clean Shave for many years, realistically priced.

Reviewed by Barrie Walkergrey-splitter


Having purchased replacement items of branded products before I was a little dubious as to the quality of these blades. I need not have worried. The blades outperform their overpriced branded rivals in every aspect.
Delivery is prompt with the minimum of overpackaging and the free handle is more comfortable and less likely to slip when wet than its branded rival. If you have not tried these blades you don’t know what you are missing, or you have a full beard !

Reviewed by Richard Arnoldgrey-splitter



Reviewed by Brian Lewisgrey-splitter


A clean and comfortable shave the blade can be used several times if the stubble is not to full not nicked myself as of yet handle is good to use I am impressed so far thank you.

Reviewed by David Mercergrey-splitter


Sorry but they’re just not as good as Gillette Fusion, decent shave on face & neck but managed to remove a quarter inch sliver of skin from my scalp! Less pivoting of blade makes it less forgiving for those odd contours. No, I don’t recommend this product.

Reviewed by Lee Thompsongrey-splitter


I have purchased the 5 blade system and to be honest Ill not be going back to my previous fusion blades, the new blades I have received seem even better than the last, have you made any improvements?

Reviewed by Lee Richardsongrey-splitter


Originally I use Gillette fusion with vibrating handle which are extremely expensive!
I purchased the clean shaven razors & found them very good & a real close shave.
I would rate 4/5 for these & the price is fantastic.
They would be a 5/5 with a vibrating handle for added comfort.

Reviewed by Scott Duffygrey-splitter


I bought the small pack of replacement blades as I had reservations, but next time I will buy the large pack. Amazed at the quality, in fact there is no difference apart from the price. Will always buy from Clean Shaven in future – no contest. thank you!

Reviewed by Stuart Telfergrey-splitter


Clean Shaven blades and handle are of the same quality, if not better, of a much dearer blade made by Gillette Fusion. At the age of 72 I cannot afford to take chunks out of my face. Would certainly use these blades all the time

Reviewed by Terry Holttrumgrey-splitter


Speedy delivery and really impressed with product, so much cheaper than Gillette fusion proglide blades, but at half the cost. Will definitely use again.

Reviewed by Thomas Carlingrey-splitter


Purchased my first blades from cleanshaven in March,they are that good I may still be using the same at christmas,they last that long. Gillette Fusion cost as much for half the number of blades and don’t last half the time

Reviewed by John Lowegrey-splitter


My order for blades and razor came in record time and the shave was excellent , definitely on a par with the the Gillette Fusion Blades, but much cheaper !!
I will be following up with an order for more blades in the near future.

Reviewed by Tony Paddengrey-splitter


I have used all the top shaving brands, but NEVER had a cleaner shave at a cheaper price than I have had from Cleanshaven. I must highly recommend this product to all I meet.

Reviewed by Ron Lundgrey-splitter


I’m delighted with the razors I received last week. Work perfectly and of course at a fraction of Gillette’s prices. I recommended to my son to try and he is delighted as I am, well done. I shall continue to buy from you in the future.

Reviewed by Bob Reidgrey-splitter


I purchased these for my husband and he is very pleased with them. They are a lot cheaper than the Gillette Fusion Blades he used to use and just as good.

Reviewed by Terry Peakegrey-splitter


Firstly I like the weight of the handle. Too many razors have such lightweight handles, and I’ve searched for ages to find one as heavy as the old metal Gillette I had a few years ago. This is perfect. The blades are very sharp.
As a head shaver as well as face, I’ve found that I have to take my time a little more to avoid inevitable nicks as first use was like a bloodbath! Overall, I’ve found that they give a much closer shave that lasts longer, and I can get away with shaving every couple of days rather than daily. I would definitely recommend that you give these a try.

Reviewed by Steve Gabbitasgrey-splitter


This is just to let you know that I am extremely happy with my clean-shaven razor and blades. I have been using them for about 3 months now and I can honestly say that the blades last 50% longer than the Gillette Fusion blades I was using before. Thank you. I am delighted to be able to support a small business because it is genuinely so much better than its very, very much larger competitor.

Reviewed by Peter Osardgrey-splitter


i have always used gillette fusion blades but my wife bought me this shaver with blades because it is a lot cheaper than gillette, i cannot believe how good this shaver and blades are. i am on my 10th shave with the first blade and it is just like the 1st shave it is so close a shave that i will not be using anything else but this razor and blades.

Reviewed by Bernard Harrisgrey-splitter